Reading at Christmastime

I love to read.

I especially love to read at Christmastime! And in December, it's been pretty much an unspoken rule or tradition that I read Christmas themed books at night to the kids- now it's pretty much just one kid- but we have enjoyed quite a few nice Christmas stories this past week!  So while today is not Book Review Wednesday, I wanted to let you in on this favorite December activity of mine.

My personal favorite Christmas book is actually not a kid's book per se - it's this one-

2014-12-08 18.59.10

Norman Rockwell's Christmas book is filled with classic Christmas stories, poems, Carols and more- not to mention illustrated by this magnificent artist!  While a lot of these stories may be a bit advanced for a 4 year old, I do intend to read from this book this December- little snippets here and there including Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus,  bible selections, and several Carols.  I may incorporate a bit of artist study as well, showing him the colorful photos of the paintings and very informally talking about them with him.  I really look forward to sharing this book with him that I was gifted with in my first year of college by my wonderful grandparents.  It seems to be out of print now, but here's an Amazon link to some used copies!

Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book : Carols, Stories, Poems, Recollections

In addition to my reading at Christmastime, I've stumbled upon several blogs recently that are putting up very nice Christmas book lists.  I'd love to have the time to do this myself but time is eluding me.  So I thought I'd at least share with my viewers the blog sites that ARE putting up these great lists so you can benefit from them as I have! I'll add to this list as I stumble upon more. I would love to do my own list for next year - so PLEASE tell me what books YOU LOVE to read at Christmas!  (Children's and adult!)

The Busy Mom's Favorite Christmas Books

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Charlotte Mason's Christmas List : 5 Living Books Library Picks (2012)

And one more related list at Charlotte Mason & Home Education!


What's YOUR favorite Christmas Book list AND...

...What's YOUR favorite Christmas book and WHY is it your favorite???


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4 thoughts on “Reading at Christmastime

  1. Yvonne Jefferson

    I don't really have a favorite book to read at Christmas time but I usually try to read something written by Richard Paul Evans, author of the Christmas Box and many other beautiful stories. This year I read his newest book, The Mistletoe Promise.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      I need to jog my memory but I believe I read the Christmas Box a few years ago. Maybe The Mistletoe Promise is what I need on this very gloomy day....sounds like a good one! Thanks Yvonne!

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