PA Homeschool Law Changes- HB1013

The Pennsylvania Homeschool Law just got better!

     As of October 31, 2014,  the homeschool community of Pennsylvania sighed in relief as the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, signed into law House Bill 1013 - effective IMMEDIATELY!  This law change greatly improves the homeschool law of Pennsylvania. 

Here's how:

  1. This law ELIMINATES the public school superintendent's review of the student portfolio at the end of each school year.  The parent, however, must continue to submit the portfolio with the log and other materials to be included with the portfolio as well as evidence of testing(when applicable) to a qualified evaluator as part of the end of the year evaluation. The evaluator, in turn, will  determine whether the student is receiving an 'appropriate education' and write a letter to verify that this is taking place.  The only thing that needs to be handed into the school district is the evaluator's signed letter.
  2. The law now requires that a parent-issued high school diploma be given the same rights and privileges by the Commonwealth as other diplomas, including the Pennsylvania Higher Education Agency (and all state colleges!)
  3. The law establishes an administrative procedure to resolve any and all claims by a superintendent regarding the possibility of a parents failure to comply with the homeschool law.  The superintendent must send a certified letter to the supervisor of the homeschool program specifying the reason for belief that appropriate education is not taking place and request and evaluation.  Thirty days are then given for a certification from an evaluator to be submitted.  If the certification letter is submitted (certifying that appropriate education is occurring) the superintendent must accept the certification.
  4. The law also states that the home education program may continue through the course of time it takes to work through an appeal from an adverse ruling regarding the homeschool program.

Please spread the word of this new change in the Pennsylvania Homeschool Law!  Keep in mind that not all school districts may be aware of or understand these changes.  It is possible that some may still request to see portfolios at the end of this school year.  Be sure to tell your homeschool friends not to comply to these requests as they are no longer bound by law to do so. If a district asks you for a portfolio or other materials, simply inform them of the new law changes (HB 1013)and urge them to research it for themselves. Or, you can refer them to HSLDA or hand a copy of information regarding the HB1012 from this source.

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***Please note that as of today's date, these posts do not reflect the information regarding the new changes.  In time, I will update those posts but will likely not get around to doing that until the end of the school year!

If you have further questions regarding the law changes, please don't hesitate to ask and I'll hopefully be able to answer!  My Number One "Go-To" source for the homeschool law is HSLDA. If you homeschool, it is my opinion that a membership with HSLDA is most definitely worth it.