Book Review Wednesday: From Little Acorns: A First Look at the Life of a Tree

Book Title:  From Little Acorns: A First Look at the Life Cycle of a Tree(First Look: Science)

Author:  Sam Godwin

Genre: Picture Book,  Science

Illustrator: Simone Abel

Publisher: Picture Window Books

  • ISBN-10: 140480658X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1404806580

Pages: 32

Age: 4 and up

Why Did I Choose It?  It is fall and we (my son and I) found it in the seasonal book display at our library.  Eager to read and discover more about nature to start on our journey with the Charlotte Mason methodology, I found it to be a great accompaniment to our nature walks!

A Bit From The Back Cover:  Take a walk through a leafy forest and join some curious woodland creatures as they find out how a tiny acorn becomes a giant oak tree.

My Review:  This was a delightful read!  It is a wonderful Living Book for this age group!  From Little Acorns was a wonderful introduction for my son to understand more about the hundreds of acorns spread about our yard as well as motivate him to look for seedlings and saplings.  He enjoyed the illustrations and hearing what the squirrels in the story had to say to one another.  I enjoyed that he was able to absorb so much factual information within a nicely illustrated story.  This was the perfect book to read at the beginning of fall when the leaves and acorns began to fall.

Other Books By This Author: A Seed in Need: A First Look at the Plant Cycle,  The Trouble With Tadpoles: A First Look at the Life Cycle of a Frog,  Which Switch is Which?: A First Look at Electricity,  and several others!  Find his page on Amazon.