September Wrap-Up

Well here it comes!  October will be upon us in just two days!  The leaves are already changing here, seemingly quite quickly.  My son, the other day, was quite convinced if we just turned around to go back home up the mountain road what had been green just moments ago would surely be yellow or orange already!

With the fall changes are many changes in my own life.  We are settling into the new house.  It felt like home before we even had stuff in it.  Now that our things are here and I have found MOST of them (The LeapPad never was found I ended up replacing it) and I'm beginning to get things up on the walls and settling into a semi-normal (whatever normal is) routine, it feels even more like home.  I'm also settling into the changes of having a football player at home (my oldest son) and having 'school' with my youngest - who even insists we do school on Saturdays! (I usually do cave into at least going over his word cards or 'making words' with his letters because who can say no to someone who wants to learn??).  I love the changes of being closer to church and the grocery store - we were finally able to attend family night at church and it is such a tremendous blessing to have raw milk and free range eggs from the Amish farm just down the road....and the produce from there too!  It's amazing only spending $2.00 on a beautiful spaghetti squash!  Yes, these changes are GOOD!!  Thank you Lord!

I think I'm finally settling back into a routine here on the blog as well!  Thank you and a warm welcome to my new followers from this past month. I'm thrilled to have you.  I noticed a big addition to numbers and views especially after my post on Charlotte Mason.  I am so totally falling in love with this approach and fully intend to keep reading and experimenting with it and yes, definitely will be posting more about it.  If you missed mention of it, you can check it out here.

Along with posts the above post, I've been making a habit of posting my Peaceful Reflections in an attempt to share my favorite quotes of the week that find me reflecting on the blessings God has given us. I'm finally getting back into my routine of waking early (the move left me utterly exhausted and getting up early just wasn't physically possible for well over a month) to spend time on God's Word and other spiritual readings as well as spending time on my writing before waking my oldest and starting breakfast preparation in the mornings. I achieved four of those posts this month, so be sure to look for them all.

I finally got out the book review on The Graveyard Book that I read earlier in the summer. And hopefully my writer friends and homeschool friends caught Writing Exercise #9 as it related to the fall colors surrounding us! And I am trying to make new habits in handling the stress in my life and have started to share about that here and here.

My family finished off September by attending a football game with all of us attending (my daughter came home from college) and a lovely wedding in Ohio.  We had a really nice time. footballGreg's Wedding4

Greg's Wedding Greg's Wedding2 Greg's Wedding3 Greg's wedding5

 I have lots of ideas for October posts,  So be sure to keep a watchful eye! 

Hopefully that will include an update on cold and flu remedies, more Peaceful Reflections, more on Charlotte Mason including a book review and much much more!  If there's something you're hoping to see, let me know....maybe I can squeeze it in!!




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2 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up

  1. GretchenJoanna

    Thankful with you for all the good changes. What a blessing to have a new house that you like, in a nice neighborhood, closer to church! That last feature is a gem. May October be peaceful and productive, too!

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Thank you so much! It is indeed a blessing. I am trying hard to focus on the blessings rather than the stressful challenges. It's not always easy but a few moments taking in the fresh air on my back deck can help quite a bit! And of course, prayer!!!

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