Reading…reading…reading…not so much

I'm an avid reader, as I'm sure you can tell.  Especially if you read my post back at the beginning of the year listing the books I wanted to read by year's end...

I've made progress on that list but I don't foresee actually getting through it.  Especially since I'm barely reading at all these days and the ones I could say I'm actually currently ACTIVELY reading are not ones from my list. Sigh.

There are other books I'm reading...but not so actively - meaning I've started them and they ended up in a stack of other books I've started but got sidetracked because , well, I started others.  It's almost an addiction... book stacks....

But here is what I'm Currently ACTIVELY reading:

1.  The Relaxation  & Stress Reduction Workbook (previously mentioned in several posts such as this one and this one)

2.  Charlotte Mason Education:  A Homeschooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison- I'm hoping that Ms. Levison's book will at least put in my mind the key points of Charlotte Mason's methods.

Yep....that's it.  For me , that is really an extremely short list.  But I'm still unpacking...and searching....  Have I mentioned that I have unpacked (not put away and organized mind you...but ) the majority of our boxes and STILL can not find my son's Leapfrog LeapPad???

 This is a small computer like toy that he uses for educational games and BOOKS that I've downloaded for him.  He is not addicted to it like a lot of kids are with electronic games but we really like it for trips in the car, appointments and for use in general places that he has to sit for longer periods of time than usual....   So anyway... I can't find it.  It seems to be gone.  And that really really bothers me (obviously since I've seem to have found a way to rant about it here in the middle of a post on reading and books....)

So yes, that's my current book list.

I'm really eager to read more of the Charlotte Mason book.  I've just started it and can only get in half a page or so here and there.  I truly am falling in love with this method of homeschooling.  I just don't know how to shake off all those years of public schooling from my memory and let it completely fall to the wayside...  I guess I won't completely.  But I do really want to change my approach for our little guy.  The way he's picking up on 'making words' right now is delightful!!

I also hope to find more time this week to read the chapter on time management in the workbook....ain't that a hoot!  Need to find time to read about time management.... I guess that's a big indicator that I really do need to read it!

So What is on your current ACTIVE reading list?


8 thoughts on “Reading…reading…reading…not so much

  1. Amanda chaik

    We use some Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum, though I've always preferred The Montessori Method more (I find it hardish to implement though). As far as a current booklist...I am one of those people who is usually looking for books to read rather than having a backlog of them!

  2. robinshliakhau

    I love reading too, but am not finding as much time to myself to read these days either. With homeschooling it certainly has seasons of more time for mama and right now is not one of them for me. I am reading "A Constellation of Vital Pehnomena" by Anthony Marra set in Chechnya and is so interesting! Also, retreading Andrew Murray's "With Christ in the school of Prayer." I would like to read more about Charlotte Mason as well.

  3. GretchenJoanna

    I've been reading a lot lately - it's easy to get through the books when they are mostly children's books. For various reasons that's my speed right now, especially Rumer Godden's books - for children and for adults. I am intrigued by your recommendation of The Graveyard Book, and wonder if you wrote a review of it somewhere? I probably will read it, at least to myself, but do you have any comments as to its suitability for children in whom one is trying to inculcate an Orthodox worldview?

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Gretchen! No, I haven't written a review of The Graveyard Book but it will be one of the first ones I do once I get back into a better schedule on here. As for the Orthodox worldview... There are very few children's books/ YA books that I would say shouldn't be read simply on account of Orthodoxy. I think as parents, we need to be part of our child's world, including their books. That means reading them too and discussing them. The Graveyard Book to me, certainly doesn't teach Orthodoxy nor do a lot of mainstream children's books. It's a tale of imagination - reaching into the thoughts and ideas children have about graveyards. Is what happens in this book Orthodox? Certainly not - nor is it evil. It's an imaginative tale and could certainly be used as great discussion on the differences of what happens in Owen's (main character) world vs. our very real Orthodox world. I hope this helps answer your question. I've answered it sort of hurriedly, I'm afraid, as I'm behind in getting my son up this morning! Let me know if you have any other specific questions! Hopefully I'll get that review done soon! I'm making a list of posts I want to work on.

  4. The Garners

    The Levison books are helpful! I really like "For the Children's Sake" by Susan Schaeffer Macauley. I'm actually slowly, making my way through the CM volumes via a Facebook Reading Group. Also reading a bio of Elizabeth I, by Anne Somerset. It's fascinating!

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh! What's the name of the group?? I believe I have "For The Children's Sake" and want it to be next but I have yet to find it in this great pile of boxes still heaped around me. The books are probably the last to be officially unpacked as we are waiting to get shelves built into my office/book room. I really am enjoying this current book though!

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