Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning

This past two weeks have not been ideal for my newfound decision to declutter the stress in my life.

I am surrounded by boxes.  wpid-img_20140819_073606_220.jpg




Only they do not look as neat and tidy as what they did in my old house.  It's more like this:


wpid-img_20140825_061211_629.jpg wpid-img_20140825_061120_739.jpg


And believe me, it's driving me crazy.  But not as much as the other things that have cropped up.... like bees  (my son got stung at least 9 times), carpenter ants (It seems they like the garage door and it would seem they are a much bigger problem than the former owners led on), water damage (that they claim wasn't here before), switches I can't identify - you know, wall switches that don't seem to operate anything..., the dishwasher doesn't work (how beneficial to them that it seemed to operate during the inspection), none of the doors had the same lock so a million different keys...okay - not a million but like 5..., the filthy pool that obviously was not properly cared for and I know next to nothing about pool care (gosh I'd love to swim in it a few times though before closing it for the year), my son already experiencing pain from football (his knee) and they haven't even played in a real game yet, the movers being idiots and leaving a bunch of stuff at the old house and packing things like potatoes in a box I most likely wouldn't have even looked in yet if I didn't have such a hard time finding my everyday dishes and seriously, packing a garbage can with a wet diaper in it!  GROSS!!!!  and we'll have to be putting down the cat (long story...probably have to do it today  🙁  ) and my husband not wanting the dog around either due to urinary issues but they 'might' be under control for now.....

Yeah, it's a long list and believe me, this isn't complete.  It's just what my mind has set on at 5:57 in the morning since being up at 4.....   Nope, not sleeping well.....  gee...wonder why??

So, I haven't done well with my stress management challenge.  How about you?  Hopefully, I'll get a better handle on the kitchen today and will better be able to get back to a little normalcy....  wish me luck!


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