Monthly Wrap-up: June


I love reading the wrap-up posts for the other blogs I follow.  SO.... I thought I'd give it a shot and see how it goes.  It may give me an opportunity to cover some things I might otherwise leave out during the month or a chance to send some of my readers back to read some posts they may have missed. 🙂

My Writing World

I'm proud and feeling accomplished.  I kept my goals this month of sticking to writing a least 3 posts a week and an additional post (a blog hop on the writing process) which is a definite improvement over the month and a half or so before that.  I've reached 220 posts on the blog. I also finalized my 65149-froghoppingquery letter and sent it off to my first choice publisher.  While I wait to see if I get a positive response (prayers and finger crossing please!) I've been working on revisions of some other fictional picture book manuscripts and thinking about a few new ideas.  I'm working on figuring out some realistic goals to help me get back on track and stay on track - one of them being to actually write out a PB rough draft every month because, after all, that is why I signed up to 12 x 12.....and I actually DID accomplish writing one up last week!  Woot!  🙂  In addition, I took the plunge and sent one manuscript off for a professional critique...WOW...what an amazing critique - so much insight.  I'm still overwhelmed by it, but know after I take some time to digest it all, it's an expense that will help me fine tune my writing, not only in this manuscript but in others as well.

My Book World

wpid-IMG_20140104_120558_332.jpgWell I have been reading but not as much as I'd like to from my book list which I updated last week.  I did post a couple book reviews on some of the books I have read recently:  Missing May and Walk Two Moons.  I will be posting about The Giver soon! I've also purchased the next Newberry book I want to read.

Our Homeschool World

Our daughter, our oldest child, is home from college for the summer.  She was tremendously successful during her first year away.  She succeeded in earning the dean's list both semesters.  I am proud of her hard work and effort.  She did discover that finding a job in today's world as a college student is not as easy as she thought it would be. After much time and effort, however, she did obtain a job and while it's not her perfect cup of tea, finds it to be an alright position to earn some spending money and gain experience.

My older son finished school at the end of May, a few days early despite how far behind he had gotten in the middle of the year.  I'm proud of his accomplishments.  I set up the school calendar for next year and am currently working on developing his 'lesson plans' for his tenth grade 180 day school year. (I fill out forms that I create myself, assigning him what to do with each subject on that day - time consuming but saves me sooooo much hassle and time during the school year!)

My younger son continues to explore his world as he should.  We occasionally sit down to a reading lesson with our trusty Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons and we constantly sit down to good quality books. He's enthralled in his world of cars and trains lately and wpid-img_20140624_100518_129.jpgwas proud to add Cranky to his Thomas the Train collection with his birthday money.

Our Food/Health World

We continue on with Paleo for most of the time as I posted about here. My monthly menu plans are becoming easier to create as I stick to an easy template of sticking to the same basic meals (limited variation) over the course of a month, leaving space to try new recipes on Saturdays and always using up wpid-img_20140624_101629_983.jpgthose leftovers on Sundays to allow for an easy carefree day and making sure nothing goes wasted.  I only had one day this month of 'messing' up a meal which turned into a really tasty dish and a great post!


Other Parts of Life

Some major new developments have been underway in our home.  The house we currently live in was put on the market for sale back in mid-May and someone made a very reasonable offer on it just a couple weeks ago.  This sent us into an excited frenzy of anxiety as we really had not expected to have it happen so soon! (Good thing I already started that massive decluttering I posted about back in this post.  Since then I have sold quite a few things.) We hurried to go see, FINALLY in person, the house we've been eyeing closely on the internet.  We were relieved to find that we did indeed love the house and property - the kid bedrooms are a bit smaller than what we are used to but we believe they are quite doable...maybe it's time to teach the kids about decluttering and living a bit more minimalistically- is that a word??  The house is very nice and the setting is lovely...surrounded by woods and halfway between the town my husband is now working in and the town where we go to church and do the majority of our shopping.  Only about 15 minutes from all of this!  WOOT!!


I haven't posted much in this area lately other than some quotes here and here.... but I was very happy to celebrate my eleventh anniversary of converting to Orthodoxy yesterday on the feast day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.  🙂

So how was your month?






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