Spring Cleaning on a Whole New Level

Every year in March or April I get into the Spring Cleaning mode.  This year was the same though it started a little later and is going to a whole new level.  I am decluttering like I have never decluttered before.  I had that spring cleaning bug...  but it was a bigger bug than usual - partly I think because my youngest is 4 now and I'm not as worried about him getting into things and he can play more happily nearby and isn't as demanding of my attention this year and partly because my spring cleaning hasn't been up to par the last few years and I was really getting tired of the clutter and disorganization around me.  I just don't perform my best in chaos.  I need organization. I thrive on it.

In addition to my youngster's ability to entertain himself and not cause me quite as much worry, I bought a book.  It came up on someone's Goodread's list I think...or maybe it was another blog? Anyway,   it's called "Clutter Free With Kids" by Joshua Becker.  It's a rather simple book but highly motivational,  teaching a better way to live and demonstrating   true joy can come more easily by owning less and spending more time in quality activities rather than pursuing the latest toys, fashions and gadgets and spending too much time reorganizing the constant clutter. I'm not sure that I will soon, if ever, go to the 'extremes' as Joshua Becker, but it certainly has helped me 'rethink' my thinking on owning and holding onto 'stuff'.  I will certainly never do the challenge of 33 (Project 333)... (use only 33 items of clothing over a 3 month time period to completely eliminate excess clothing) but I certainly am looking at even my closet with fresh eyes and eliminating a lot of excess items!  Woot!

To further the motivation, we have decided to move.  (Don't ask me how many times we've done this... too many, but hopefully this WILL be the last!) My DH has signed a contract with a new work place and while we can still live in this house (It's only 25 minutes away for him), a move would allow us to get closer to friends, church and shopping and all the other activities that we rarely do because of the daunting drive (I greatly detest driving 30 minutes just to get to the grocery store...that's an hour in the car that I always think could be spent writing or reading or.....so much more!) So with the idea of moving in mind (We're not counting on it happening too soon as our current home is sort of out in the middle of nowhere) I'm more motivated than ever to get rid of the clutter and NOT take this unnecessary stuff with us.  And a yet further incentive to this, I've discovered the online garage sales for the area on Facebook - so not only am I getting rid of 'junk' or unnecessary clutter, I'm making money in the process!  Who would think one could make money cleaning their own home?!  Woot! Woot!

In case you're in the mood to do some decluttering yourself, or want some sources to help find some motivation, I've put together a few sources below to help you out!  I'd love to hear your own decluttering stories!

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      1. The Person Next to You

        It is definitely great! We live in a 4 bedroom house, and we only really need 2 bedrooms. On our move we will be able to save money by getting a smaller home, as there are no more children in our future. I am happy to be parting with so much stuff, and downsizing. 🙂

  1. Blackbird Scraps

    We are in the middle of a move ourselves. My husband, myself, and five kids ages 17,14,12,10,10 months are moving out of the tiny duplex we've been crammed into for the past four years and into my mother-in-law's 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 story house. She needs some medical help and we need to get out of here. Hopefully it will be a win-win, but she has lived by herself for a LONG time and I'm afraid of the interpersonal conflicts that could arise.
    Anyway-we are not just moving but having to clean out and rearrange HER house (which is a 25 minute drive one way) to make room for us. We have 6 weeks to get this all done. Bless her heart, she's a wonderful woman and is very kind for taking us in, but she is the very definition of a pack rat. We are gently trying to help her get rid of unessesary things while respecting that fact that is is her house at the same time. We spent 5 hours there yesterday working on two of her upstairs rooms that will be our future bedrooms. Our current process is boxing like things together, having her go through them and decide if they will go to one of these spots: -the trash -goodwill -ebay/garage sale -storage -somewhere new in the house. Focusing on one box at a time has kept it from being too overwhelming so far. Thanks for the links, I'm checking out Project 333 for sure. I'm also a Fly Lady fan and often have my kids do her "27 fling boogie" to declutter.
    Looks like we have a lot in common with loving God, the big age gap between kids, and enjoying decluttering! Best wishes with the finding a new place/selling the old one.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh it was so good of you to drop by and share with me! Yes, we do seem to have quite a bit in common.
      What a great challenge! I'm sure it's also hard for your MIL to let go if she's been a pack rat all her life. My own mother is a bit of a pack rat herself so I know the habits I'm trying to break now are habits I got from her! 😉 I was just sharing with her the other day about my activities with decluttering and her first thought was, "But don't you ever worry you're going to throw something out and need it later?" This is truly her big fear! I just said, "Yeah, well I decided if I throw out like a hundred things and need to replace ONE in the next year or who knows how long....it's still really worth the stress free environment." Her answer? "Oh, well..... I guess....." obviously not entirely believing me. LOL... gotta love our pack rat mothers (and MIL's) 🙂
      Best wishes for your decluttering, upcoming move and new life assisting your mother in law and sharing in her life and home 🙂 God bless you all!

  2. corinnebjacob

    That selfie of yours is AMAZING! 😉 I do get the cleaning bug too where people think I have some sort of OCD. It's so therapeutic though. Good luck on all your projects!

  3. Joshua

    I've never read the books you mentioned -- but they seem interesting! I don't really have any of my own decluttering stories because my wife usually does all of the magic for me! However, I want to thank you for the sources mentioned at the end of this article


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