A New Book for Orthodox Moms

I am so thrilled for Annalisa Boyd! Her new book The Ascetic Lives of Mothers:  A Prayer Book for Orthodox Moms has been released and made a great Mother's Day present for me to share with some dear friends! Thank you Annalisa for my signed copy!!!  I LOVE it!!

I participated in a questionnaire Annalisa sent out several years ago and have prayed for her success with this book as I have seen a great need for it. Sure there lots of prayer books out there, but none seem to be specific to the needs we mothers have on a daily basis. The Ascetic Lives of Mothers is a prayer book for Orthodox Moms and is filled with great wisdom and prayers to allow us to intercede for our families and grow in virtue. The book not only has the daily prayers all in one location, but has sections on making time for prayer, the virtues, prayers for difficult pregnancies, depression, financial strain, pride, etc. as well as prayers for the stages of motherhood, godchildren, marriage and much more! It's truly a magnificent collection that I feel every Orthodox mother should have!

Annalisa is also the author of a wonderful book titled Hear Me: A Prayer book for Orthodox Teens that my daughter loved and also Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox Saints.

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    1. orthodoxmom3

      You are welcome Annalisa! I love the book and it will be my new constant companion! Thank you so much for stopping by here and commenting. What a nice surprise that was for me to see this morning 🙂

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