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I read a sensational article last week and I just had to share it. It summarizes the importance of reading books with your children very well.  "Education is a vaccine for violence," writes Mexican-American actor Edward James Olmos - I just loved this quote inside the article and I had to laugh since it is the only vaccine that I would whole-heartedly support!  And the best way to get that education he is talking about is through books.  Read the article yourself and tell me what you think:

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Did you go to the Oxford Owl link that Bonnie put in her article?  I did and discovered a great site I hadn't known about.  A little searching led me here to a list that gives tips on reading to 3-4 year olds.  Those tips include reading every single day and everywhere you go (the first time we realized my toddler was connecting words on a page to a book and words in the outside world was driving in a car when he pointed out a stop sign and told us what it said)!  The list also includes singing songs and rhymes, asking questions about the stories you read and asking the child about their favorite parts.

I'll be exploring this website further.  It also has tips for other age levels and tips for mathematics as well.

Share with me what you think and find as you read the article and explore this website!

What books are you reading to your child this week? Here's a few we've read:


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7 thoughts on “Read To Your Children

  1. egm081109

    "Children who are read to, children who have the opportunity to read all kinds of books, children who have parents who read books, children who grow up in a home with books; these are the children who have a distinct advantage academically, socially, and emotionally."

    I LOVE that! It's so true, too. I was read to non-stop as a child and eventually had to be grounded from reading because I would do it anytime, all the time. My husband, though brilliant, was not read to, and he has struggled academically. Reading opens up such an amazing world. Thanks for the great article. I think I'll go read a book to the boys now.

  2. orthodoxmom3

    The only time I ever got in trouble in school was for reading when I wasn't supposed to be (or having whatever book I was reading inside the text I was supposed to be reading!) lol!! I'm glad you liked the article. Happy reading!

    1. orthodoxmom3

      I have a 15 year old as well! We still read together!! 🙂 I LOVE that he still enjoys it. I've been reading history to him lately too to save him time... he's a good student but a somewhat slow reader - just gets easily distracted so with a subject like history which isn't his favorite, it's better if I read...takes less time.

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