Doctor Sleep vs. The Red Badge of Courage or Stephen vs. Stephen

Well, I've started on my reading list of the year.  I have finished two.  Doctor Sleep and The Red Badge of Courage.  Needless to say, the were both vastly different.

Both involved blood loss, but that was about where the similarities ended. Oh, and both of the author's names were Stephen!

One kept me on the edge of the seat and awake for several hours turning pages to see what would happen next, the other one left me yawning and wondering if my son would get through it.  I bet you can figure out which was which!  I hope my son's other required books aren't as dry.

Don't get me wrong, I think The Red Badge of Courage was quality literature and certainly contained a lot of symbolism.  But it did not contain any of those pull you in and wrap you around the characters and events and leave you hanging and wanting more qualities that I look for in books.  Doctor Sleep, however, though it may never be on anyone's 'required reading' list certainly pulled you in (and maybe twisted you up inside as well).

      Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining.    I don't always like a sequel, but I loved this one!  Dan Torrence has grown up and, unfortunately become an alcoholic, much like his father.  He also still has 'the shining'.  Abra Stone, a spunky twelve-year-old, also has 'the shining'.  Read the book to find out how these two connect and how they become intertwined with the True Knot, immortal beings who live off the 'steam' of children who have.....can you guess it?..... 'the shining'.

The Red Badge of Courage is, of course, a classic written in  tells the tale of Henry Fleming, a Civil War soldier as he enters into battle.  After a shameful experience, the soldier develops humility and courage as the war goes on.  It is no doubt, a very honest telling of the experiences of war and an accurate telling of our American history.

So which one are YOU more likely to read? 

3 thoughts on “Doctor Sleep vs. The Red Badge of Courage or Stephen vs. Stephen

  1. rawhomeschoolmom

    Love your review of Red Badge! I just taught it to a group of high schoolers, and the fun of it was loving or hating Henry. I don't think I could stomach it without some lively discussion. So pat yourself (and your son) on the back! 🙂

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Oh thank you! I felt bad that I was bored by it...but.... I'm sure it did help to be a part of a group discussing it. My son just started The Old Man and The Sea.... I'll need to start it tonight too... I so hope it's better!

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