What to Blog About…revised

Well, way back in April of 2012, I wrote about what to blog about and that has been on my mind again.  I read that post back from April of 2012 and it seems that I'm sticking to the same basic thoughts.  I'm not a person who can read just one book at a time so I can't imagine just focusing on one subject like so many of the blogs I love do.  So just as I posted back in 2012, I think I'll try to blog about various things:


Our Faith... my family is Orthodox Christian.  My husband is cradle Orthodox while my two older children and I converted about 10 years ago.  It was the most important decision of my life.  I love Orthodoxy.  I love all Christians...and all non-Christians... but I really feel Orthodoxy is the True Faith, the Church begun by Christ and his apostles upon his resurrection and Pentecost and I'm so thrilled to have found it to allow it to guide me in my relationship with Christ.

Our Food Lifestyle.... it's truly not a diet...it's a lifestyle.  For really good reasons and that's what I'll start writing about next week (at least that's the plan.... I actually wrote out some notes the other day when I had time about how we got started on this path).  Everyone has told me I should write a book on it...  I'm not so sure about that...  I prefer creative writing...  for kids...  but perhaps I can tell our story on here in a more brief format.

Homeschooling... We started homeschooling not long before our adventures into discovering the difference between real food and food products and it's been quite an adventure of it's own.  It's an important aspect of our life.

WRITING!!!  That's why I'm on here.... because I love to write!  And my dream is to become a children's author... though I'm not sure anymore what I want to write... what age group or genre.  I am thinking of writing an Orthodox Picture Book...but I want to write for the general public as well.

BOOKS!  What's a writer without books and what's a book without writers?  They go hand in hand and I read quite the varied selection.  I like to talk about them all.

Random Stuff.....  My thoughts are generally non-stop and full of randomness so why not include that here?  I like to share thoughts I have based on things I've read, heard, things that are going on in my life or in that of my children and others I know.  I like to read quotes by famous authors or other people and reflect on what it means and how it applies to me...  all of that and more fits under this category.

So that's what I've been contimplating over the last week and that's what I hope to make a habit of writing about very soon!  If you are following me, thank you.  If you like what you see, let me know.  I'm a bit of a shy introvert with not as much of a high self-esteem as people tell me I should have so I'm often wondering why people do view my posts and what they like about them.  If you have time to drop me a note and tell me, please do!

4 thoughts on “What to Blog About…revised

  1. ericathetford

    Whatever idea you are passionate about, write about it. Write about all of it. There are an infinite number of great stories in each of us, just waiting to be told. Who says you have to pick just one book to write? Tell your stories to take a number. 🙂 <3 trust me, I know it's scary, I am scared of showing people my stuff too but at least you can say you tried and failed rather than never even putting it out there.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Yes! Which is why I listed all of those topics! I am passionate about all of them and can't imagine just focusing on one thing like a lot of the poplular blogs do. I like those blogs, but it's not me. And you are right about books too! Which is why I have several "unfinished" manuscripts! I'm excited to be dipping my feet back in...and am really quite happy about it. I just hope I don't let myself get frustrated when I don't get the time I want. I'll be heading over to your own blog soon to see what you have so far! 🙂

  2. eterney

    Sorry I'm late commenting. I'm perusing 2013 today (in chronological order)
    I think your list of topics for writing blog posts is good. My first recommendation would be to focus on the first three. If one of those is more unique, making you stand out from the crowd of blogs, do that topic more frequently than the others. I personally would enjoy posts on your food choices and how you reached your conclusions.
    I think the only restriction you should put on yourself is limiting each post to one topic. That way, you can categorize them with tags. Then, people can find whichever topic most interests them.
    I find blogs that educate me about something the most compelling. Even if they just show me where to look for things to educate myself. I can only read journal blogs if I know and care about the person. Or, I suppose, if I found someone on the Internet who had a life so unimaginably different from anything I know or have seen before ... that I would read.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      Well, thank you for taking the time to read and comment!! 🙂
      So far I'm sticking to all the topics... I might, at some point, form two or three differnt blogs...to narrow down what I cover on a particular one... but for now that would be too overwhelming for me. I'm enjoying it as it is thus far. I know I might get more followers if I narrowed it down but that will have to wait until I'm able to juggle it all better.
      I definitely use tags! 🙂

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