Loving What Is…..

That's the title of a book I read a few months back. The author is Byron Katie. She's not orthodox. That's saying something because I rarely pick up self help books anymore as I worry about reading things by non-orthodox authors and how they may not be teaching something that is right or truth in relation to The Church. But this particular book was recommended to me by my homeopath during a very trying time for me.

The book did help me. I have to look past the fact that she's not a Christian, not my definition of Christian anyway. And not Orthodox for sure. But her four questions that she poses as questions that can change your life... well, they do change how one looks at things. The four questions are:

Is It True?
Can You Absolutely Know That It's True?
How Do You React When You Think That Thought?
Who Would You Be Without The Thought?

I tell you, when you are wrapped up in anger, judgement, and negative feelings, those four questions can really help set a better perspective. So it has helped me in those situations. Especially in dealing with my thoughts about other people or myself.

It doesn't help in terms of spiritual questions. One shouldn't be asking God if something is true or doubting whether our faith is true. YES. It is True. And it doesn't matter what I think in terms of that.

But for those everyday things in life when your thoughts are making you stir crazy... it's not God putting those thoughts there and these questions, if used well, can certainly help put a stop to the demons within.

I haven't exactly explained the whole process here very well. One would have to read the book, listen to the book or at the very least, explore the Katie Byron website... I think it's called The Work? I still haven't figured out how to put links on here. I think I did it once but it's been months. If I start writing regularly (hey, this is two days in a row now... woot!) I will spend time learning to do that.

I had a few moments to spare so I took it. This book is on my mind because I think I need to revisit it and I want to loan it to a friend that may benefit from it. Anyone else ever read it?

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