Try Try Again…

It's been a long time since I've posted anything....
so long I had trouble logging on since I almost forgot my password!

I'm not making any promises to myself at whether I'll keep posting or keep up with it according to any particular schedule because I know I'll just frustrate myself...

so here's this:

I'm working on planning our curriculum for our oldest son for next year and a schedule for doing homeschool evaluations at the end of this year and that got me back to one of my favorite sites:

I have not yet figured out how to post a link here other than traditional copy and paste.... if someone wants to give me a hint on that it would be much appreciated.
But I thought, why not share this with other homeschoolers who might read this blog?

It's a great source for blank forms....calendars (which I used today) of all sorts, planners, handwriting sheets and so much more! It's put together by a homeschool mom.

My son is startting high school next year.
In PA that means he must do the following:

4 years of English (which is to include language, literature, speech and composition)
3 years of Science
3 years of Social Studies(to include Civics, World History, and History of US and PA at the secondary level)
3 years of Math (to include general mathematics, algebra and geometry at the secondary level)
2 Years of Arts and Humanities

That's 15 credits.
Of course, most complete more credits than the minimal, especially if they are aiming towards going to college or some other form of higher education.

I know my son will do Biology next year and probably take part in a lab offered through one of the homeschool co-ops in our area....and he will do either Geometry or Algebra II and I know which curriculum I want to use for that. But the rest is up in the air. I am researching US history curriculums and English curriculums. If anyone wants to share what they used and why or why they did not like it, I'd love to hear. There's so many out there. We've already completed Analytical Grammar which is an awesome grammar program so I don't feel his English courses need to be heavy in that....want something to emphasize good literature and writing. We have used SOS in the past for history and may end up doing that again but wish I could find something that would be at least interesting to him....not sure it exists! He's just not a history buff. Maybe we should do history with litereature....but then I feel that most of his reading would be on history topics and then I'd have less opportunity to introduce him to some other really good classics. Of course, I have four years to do that....
So many things to think about!

4 thoughts on “Try Try Again…

  1. joyofdawn

    Her site is awesome. We would have been lost without her site in our homeschool.
    Linking is pretty simple once you know how it works. There is a button at the top of the place where you create a post. One has a broken link and the other has a link that is connected. They look like two chains. The connected one will give you the link. Just highlight the word or words in your post that you want to create the link with and press the links button at the top of the page. A little screen will pop up. That I'd where the link information is added. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. valrfederoff

    Just thinking about passwords this morning, especially with a new smaart phone and a couple of apps. Now thinking about the security recommendation that you have to change your passwords often. The number of passwords to change has just doubled. What's a woman to do?

    I would never have been able to get Alexis to willingly participate in homeschooling. After that I gave up trying with the other two beyond preschool. Blessings!

  3. orthodoxmom3

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Thank you Amber for the information! I'll have to think of something to write about using a link try it out, practice and commit to memory! Valerie, passwords are not my friend! lol 😉

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