Those People Who Always Smile…

Those people who always know who they are. Everywhere you see them, they are smiling. And they have a smile that is as radient as the sun. Being with them means laughter and happiness.

How do they do it? In the widespread adversity of today, how does one wake up each day with a smile on their face? Of course, I don't live with these people....but one can only imagine that they do that. Even on days full of grief, days that get the normal person down...days that can bring one to their knees....they seem to be able to find a way to carry on and only see the good. They don't seem to have time to dwell on the pain of life...but only to shine along with the beauty.

So how do they do it? Some may say faith...and I'm sure they've hit something there...but.... I know others with very deep faith that do not always have a smile on their face. It's not the specific religion...these positive people come from all faiths.... Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant.... I'm sure their trust in our Lord does have the answer....but why not everyone? What do these people know that the rest of us don't? What have they experienced that we haven't? What have they learned that the rest of us still need to learn?

I am amazed by them. I am awed by them. I am humbled by them.
It inspires me.
Is it gratitude? Are they able to do what I have been trying to do? Are they able to look hardship in the face and still see the good behind it? Are they able to wake and instantly think of all that is good rather than all the difficulties they need to face that day? Are they able to look at a rainstorm and see the rainbow to follow before it even hints at a glimmer in the cloudy sky? Is that what the rest of us are lacking? Are we too focused on our own sinful selves that we forget to look for the glory?

Just some thoughts on this cold autumn day.....filled with drafts, grey clouds, pain, grief, and the beautiful colors that drape across the mountains surrounding me.

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6 thoughts on “Those People Who Always Smile…

  1. Jacquet Jones

    I am a christian. I do not follow a specific faith. I realized the reason i always complained was because I was unhappy with myself. Jesus Christ who lives inside of us unveils your eyes to things you truly cannot see when you do not seek him. He makes you see the glorious things of the day. Why is it that we direct our energy, problems, complaints and things to people and not the source of who designed us, Jesus Christ himself. We all have problems and issues daily and we do to others and continue to drain them with our problems. When you go to the source Jesus, he begins to open your eyes to a life that you could never see without him. He is the way, the truth, and the life. If you are a non believer, how can you deny a God has created the stars, trees, sun, even you. The way your injuries heal, the way your body is designed, How can you deny something incredible designed that. Dont be mislead by others and how they take their walk with faith. Take it for yourself and watch how Jesus reveals the world to you.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      I am not an unbeliever. You obviously have not read my other posts.
      I was going through a huge ordeal and struggling when I wrote this.

      I am an Orthodox Christian and a firm believer in my faith. At the time of this writing I was merely struggling with depression due to a major event in my life. I was not denying anything. I was admitting pain and observing how others live daily.

      God bless.

  2. Jacquet Jones

    When i say i do not follow a specifc faith I consider myself Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ but I do not feel even christians always follow him the right way. I consider myself spiritual but I KNOW Jesus Christ is the way. He lives within you. Without him you are an empty being lost in a world you are not designed to figure out. Jesus has already figured it out, he designed it. The battle has already been won. I do not feel every word that christians speak is always true because we are human beings. I seek Jesus (God) for myself with prayer, the bible, and fasting. The more i rely on others to teach me about him I am mislead. I am always open for opinion, but I rely on Jesus Christ himself to give me the answer.

    1. orthodoxmom3

      I'm glad you believe in Jesus. I hope that means you know He is the Christ.

      I'm not sure what battle you speak of. I do not 'rely on others' to teach me about God. I rely on The Church to guide me. I believe that if I just seek Him myself, I will go astray. I can not comprehend the bible without guidance. The Church fathers understand so much better than I. They know the history, the lanugages, the bits and pieces of things that the apostles couldn't write in the bible... the backgrounds that make it meaningful. I'm not saying those without the Church are doomed at all... I just know in my heart I am less likely to go astray and less likely to misinterrpret when I trust and study the teachings of the Church.

      He does live within us. each and every one of us. However, I believe that not all of us recognizes this and therefor are not as close to Him. Obviously those of us that believe are closer. I also believe that the more prayer time we have, the more bible reading and the more sacrements of the Church we take part in brings us closer and closer to His image as he created us to be.

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