Welcome to 2018.

I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post! Things have certainly been topsy turvy in this household!

It feels as though I'm always reevaluating my writing 'career' - wondering if it will ever be what I'd like it to be and whether it's even worth pursuing.  I'm so often to the point of 'giving up' but that hope, that dream, that 'maybe someday' voice inside keeps me from pulling the plug.

The past few months I've been focused on health - that of my son (he was severely injured in an automobile accident but is fully recovering AND getting married in just a couple of weeks) and my own.

I've written previously about the adrenal fatigue, mthfr, autoimmune disorders, etc.  Well I definitely had/have adrenal fatigue and the mthfr certainly makes things harder to treat.  The autoimmune is questionable but I'm definitely on the spectrum even without a definitive diagnosis.  However, now I know a bit more about the culprit behind the fatigue and illness.


Chronic Lyme.

And several coinfections that work together to deplete the immune system and health of my body.

But now I have answers to what ails me and now I have taken hold of the need to change my mindset and health.  I know have a 'label' and several plans of actions underway to address the issues/labels  (there's many) and develop a mindset of positivity and survival.  I refuse to let this take over and destroy all quality of life.

I'm developing a better mindset and doing all kinds of things to keep it open and improving.  Things like simplifying life, affirmations, focusing on gratitude and changing and developing better habits.

So bear with me as I strive to keep up the blog and not give up on the writing dream all together.  I can't promise when the next post will be or what it will entail.  Maybe one tomorrow- maybe in another three months.  But do know-  I'm here...hanging around behind the screen somewhere.  And I'll be back.


Until then...keep an open mindest with me 😉


Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.



Have you ever had that perfect week?  You know , the perfect week where you get up on Monday and the kids are happy, smiling, obeying, and are really excited to do school?  And everything you planned goes smoothly and you have lots of extra time to get other things done in the afternoon and then ALL of the days in the week go exactly that same way??


Me neither.

And it's been so frustrating.  There's always appointments, grocery shopping, aches and pains and 4 hour sleep nights that leave you moving slower than molasses in January and it's everything you can do just to make breakfast and not forget what you are doing and keep your sanity somewhat intact.

So at least for the time being, I've adopted the 5 day plan.  It beats the frustration of planning my Monday through Friday schedule and missing Tuesday and Wednesday  and not knowing how to make up for the lost time on Thursday and Friday.

We start on Day One.  And the next day, that we have 'school' is day two, whether it's the following day, three days later or a week later.

Here's my plan-  which STILL needs modifications.  you'll notice I completely forgot to write American History on the schedule.  So I'll need to add that to my computer copy and print it out again soon.


I actually haven't gotten through the whole cycle yet.  Day 4 is next.  We had co-op this week- an 8 week co-op on nature studies.  We are loving it but on co-op day we don't do our normal academics. My husband and I were also gone for a day and a half to see the talented Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Pittsburgh, so there was no school to be held those days.

If you use a Charlotte Mason method, is your schedule similar?

Does anyone else use a 5 day cycle/looping?








The road to health isn't always easy.

Of course, is anything ever REALLY easy?  Nothing worthwhile that I can think of.  Even our relationship with God isn't easy.  He's ALWAYS there.  But it really is up to us to keep that relationship going.  We have to commit the time to prayer and worship.  And that isn't always easy in this day and age, is it?  But it's definitely worth it!

And health is worth it.  It affects absolutely every breath you take.

So my health saga continues.

I'm so grateful to learn what I did all those years ago when seeking to find a natural treatment for ADHD for my son and discovering a way to reverse bipolar and other issues among my immediate family members by eliminating MSG, other neurotoxins and other artificial ingredients from our Standard American Diet.  (To see more about this you can read my post on Our Food Story)

But even that doesn't erase all the impact of a childhood of surgeries, antibiotics, emotional traumas, and stresses and toxins from my body.  Maintaining a mostly paleo diet over recent years has certainly contributed to being healthier than I could be but there still seems to be something amiss. 

But what?

What's causing the adrenal issues, sleep issues, the anxiety, the digestive issues and the pain?  I could go on , but those are the primary symptoms without going into detail, because who wants bored with details?

Well, between countless books and other sources of research I've been reading,  medically educated friends, health coaches, homeopaths, chiropractors and the like, it would seem to point to fibromyalgia or some other type of autoimmune disease.  And there's certainly a lot of causes for autoimmune disease and seemingly, almost as many ways to address it.

But you know me....   I know my pain is not due to a deficiency  in pain medication.  I want to seek the root cause not just mask symptoms.  I want to reverse the issues, not just cover them up for short term.  So once again, I seek natural treatment.

And of course, I did do a lot of reading and studying and consulting over what avenue to take.  This time I'm selecting the AIP route.  It's the autoimmune protocol which is a paleo sort of approach but also cuts out an abundance of other inflammatory foods that are known to cause those with autoimmune disease problems-  foods such as eggs, nightshades, nuts and seeds, coffee (yeah.....coffee), sugar, etc.

I also didn't just choose any AIP program.  I'm going with the Autoimmune Solution program by Dr. Amy Myers....  hers is more of a whole life approach and doesn't just focus on dietary stuff which a lot of the AIP programs seems to do.  So I'll be taking a look at supplements again, other toxins in my home, detoxing, getting that last mercury filling out, etc.

I'm hopeful.  Sometimes.  Honestly, with the pain as debilitating as it is right now-  the burning sensations and constant ache-  I'm almost willing to do anything that I don't believe is just more toxic overload- but it does get to be overwhelming and depressing and sometimes I do lose that hope.  But I do still have some and I hold onto that.  I keep telling myself if I can reverse bipolar, surely I can do this.

Hopefully I can share my journey here a bit more and lean on the blog as one of my outlets.  And maybe, one I figure out a bit more about what works and what doesn't, I can share with you, my dear readers, and give someone else a bit of hope too!

Best wishes that you have a wonderful day.   God bless.

Lots of Nature Study going on!

I’m not sure where to start! Let’s see…. I’m on homeschool journey year 12? Yes, I think that’s right.  I'm a homeschool mom and boy do I love my job!

My two oldest have graduated. They got the NEW homeschool Mom (new to homeschooling) who thought homeschool had to look like public school at home and worried too much about proving the ‘naysayers’ wrong… poor them. But I did the best I could under the circumstances I had and no one can say I did a bad job.

This one, the youngest, has the wiser more experienced Mom who doesn’t much care what the homeschooling looks like to others (I could stand to make improvement on this in other aspects of my life) and really does not want it to look like ANYTHING the public school does 😉

So what do we do? Well, the only term I can come up with that might apply would be ‘relaxed Charlotte Mason’ homeschooling. I love most of Charlotte’s ideas. I love the use of living books, building habits, narration, and I love , love , LOVE nature study!

But I’m also realizing a strict schedule and making a child do something or learn something they don’t feel like doing that day, or isn’t ready for developmentally or has a total lack of interest in, really isn’t education.  It isn’t going to work. Neither is driving myself crazy trying to ‘do it all’. That doesn’t make a good mom. Well, it doesn’t make me a bad mom. But it’s not the best I can be or remembering that my child is a person the way Charlotte intended us to keep in mind either.

This doesn’t mean I don’t use a schedule. I do. I just don’t flip anymore (too much) if it doesn’t go as planned. For example, we haven’t sat down to our ‘scheduled academic time’ for two weeks. Does it bother me? A little…   But does that mean that school hasn’t happened? No. Not at all. School happens every day- whether it’s the ‘scheduled’ stuff or not.

That’s my thoughts today. I’ll be writing more about our love of the Charlotte Mason method. In the meantime, here’s a little ‘picture study’ of the places we’ve been, the things we’ve done and the great time we’ve had.

Our trip to the New England states began with a few days in Greenville Maine and Acadia looking for moose and completing his first Junior Ranger badge for a state park. Sadly, I can not find the photos on my computer... but here's a shot of Plymouth which we also thoroughly enjoyed.....though we enjoyed the nature in Maine a little more. The people at the plantation really played their parts. Here my son asks, "What did you eat for snacks?" "Snacks? What is snacks?" was the response!



Marshal Point Lighthouse
Our trip along the coast included watching boats in the water, Acadia National Park, the little one's first lobster meal and lighthouses.




We've caught on to the hide a rock (kindness) project. It was fun hiding rocks in all the states we visited on our way home from Maine!
We went tagging Monarch Butterflies at Sinnemahoning State Park in PA!
YAY! We finally got to hear the bugle of a bull elk during the rut season.



Cheers to New Beginnings...

I have been planning for weeks, well maybe months, to get back to blogging. Being away has been a torment to my mind and heart as writing is such a natural part of my being and helps bring peace to my heart as I discovered the love in fifth grade.

The blogging though, seems to come and go. Time is always an issue. But I guess that’s to be expected when one is a wife and homeschool mom. Hopefully, I’ve gotten to the point of getting a better handle on things and can balance everything a little better now. But life does have its ups and downs so we shall see.

I have decided to narrow my focus a bit. Most of my focus will be on homeschooling. I have really changed gears over the last couple of years in my approach.  I’d love to share what we are doing in our days and my thoughts on education. And since homeschooling is an everyday experience, not just 180 single days, it stands to show that there’s a lot to write about.

And of course, there’s our faith. Our faith is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe. It is the air we breathe. And I want to share that truth with you.

And my last focus will be on health. Health obtained by food, physical and spiritual nourishment as God provided to us. My family has changed so much over the last 12 or more years.   A lot of that has been through God’s provisions,  bringing us to sources that have educated us about our food and nutrition. I wish to share that with you as well.

In the past I have done book reviews, written about writing and other subjects. I’m sure over time I’ll touch upon those subjects but they are taking a backseat for now. I’ll still be reading of course.   And hopefully I'll get back to the manuscripts, but for now the blogging will be my main writing and I’ll weave the reading into my homeschool posts.

I actually considered wiping out all of my past posts and starting fresh... new beginnings and all.  But I guess that doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose other than wiping the slate clean for a symbolic gesture of starting over.  Of course it would also erase the past work I’ve put into this. So at least for now I’ll let it stand. I might go back and delete or edit some posts that I don’t feel apply to where I stand in life now, but for the time being,  I’ll focus on "New Beginnings."

I hope my past readers have hung in there and will send me a note as to how they are doing and what they are looking forward to seeing from me. And I hope some new readers will stop by and decide to hang out for a while and share with us too. I love you dear readers!


Today is Pentecost!

"The Christian Pentecost is based on the New Testament where it refers to the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ as described in the Acts of the Apostles 2:1-31."

The above was taken from Wikipedia and you can read the rest of the article here.  But for today, I've chosen, for reflection, the following quotes about the Holy Spirit.  After reflecting, feel free to share some favorites of your own.


The power of the Holy Spirit, which is bestowed upon him who loves God and keeps His commandments, does not appear visibly in the form of fire, nor does it come with a loud sound like a violent wind - for this happened only in the time of the Apostles for the sake of the unbelievers. Instead, it is seen spiritually in the form of spiritual light, and comes with all calm and joy."   ~Guide to Byzantine Iconography, Vol. 1, by Constantine Cavarnos


“Everything that breathes, breathes by air and cannot live without air; similarly all reasonable free creatures live by the Holy Spirit, as though by air, and cannot live without Him. "Every soul is quickened by the Holy Spirit." Recognise that the Holy Spirit stands in the same relation to your soul as air stands in relation to your body.”    ~St. John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ

We may study as much as we will but we shall still not come to know the Lord unless we live according to His commandments, for the Lord is not made known through learning but by the Holy Spirit.  Many philosophers and scholars have arrived at a belief in the existence of God but they have not come to know God.  To believe in God is one thing, to know God another.  ~ St. Siloun the Athonite

If your tongue is used to chattering, your heart will remain dim and foreign to the luminous intuitions of the Holy Spirit.  ~ St John of Dalatha



Prayer to the Holy Spirit

“O Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who art in all places and fillest all things, Treasury of blessings and giver of life: come and dwell in us, cleanse us from every stain, and save our souls, O gracious Lord.”




Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!



and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!her and to the Son and to the


I love reading about what others are reading and sharing what I'm reading with others.                      Here's my summary of the past month and what I'm reading now.  I hope you find some good titles to add to your own list and share with me what YOU are reading in the comment section below!

What I Finished in May

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution:  A Proven 4 Week Program to Rescue Your Metablolism, Hormones, Mind and Mood by Aviva Romm    This book is  SENSATIONAL and definitely, in my opinion, the best source I've read yet.  Now while I'm waiting for my food sensitivity test to come back I don't know that I'll be able to follow Aviva's protocol for diet, but it is an optimal program and I am certainly gaining a ton of insight on other aspects of the protocol because, believe me, it's NOT just about food.  My husband is listeing to this book on Audible and while we haven't had a chance to sit down and really converse about it, I can tell by the few comments he has made that he is equally pleased with the book and the information we are gaining from this doctor.

Everyday Saints and Other Stories by Tikhon Shevkunov   This is quite the lengthy read and I've been working on it for some time.  There is a great number of stories in this work that you will find inspiring and occasionally humorous.  And you will certainly know that miracles do happen even today.

Stuart Little by E.B White  -  My son got to watch two of the movies for his birthday so he grabbed this book off of our shelves one of our many read alouds.  He  enjoyed pointing out the similarities and differences between the book and the movie and  thoroughly enjoyed it, though I think we were both disappointed with the ending leaving so much up in the air-  including the bird!

Murder In The Smithsonian by Margaret Truman  I broke out of my non-fiction mode a bit.  Sometime you just NEED a little fiction in your life.  This book was reminiscent of my youth which was filled with mystery fiction!  I love a good Agatha Christie....  This book was not Agatha Christie but it was a nice switch.  I only rated it a 3 out of 5 on Goodreads but I'm sure mystery fans would still enjoy it.  I found it unsuspenseful and felt like it kept hinting at other story lines that never completed themselves in any way so I wasn't completely taken in by it.

No-Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, PH.D.  -  I read an article on Facebook (yeah, I spend way to much time on there but...) and took the link to Amazon for this book.  I loved the article so much that I immediately put the book in my cart.  This was a great read, both for the simplistic and important approach to 'discipline' and important aspects of developing emotions and problem solving skills in our children, but also for the important message that we as parents should not beat ourselves up for the mistakes we make.  ALL parents make mistakes.  There are simply no perfect parents out there, including the 'professionals'.  I HIGHLY recommend this book.  While it's geared more for parents of younger (toddler) to say middle grade kids, I could easily apply things from this book to my older kids as well.

What I'm Reading                


A Beginner's Guide to Prayer: The Orthodox Way to Draw Close to God by Michael Keiser   I started this book before Lent and actually wrote a few posts in regards to prayer before Lent.   Being that I had promised myself to read my bible readings and a few pages of Thirty Steps to Heaven each day before reading anything else and my consumption of adrenal fatigue and other health related selections, I didn't touch this one all of Lent but it's to be included in my morning readings again soon!

A Woman's Walk with God:  A Daily Guide for Prayer and Spiritual Growth by Shelia Cragg   I know!  I told myself I was going to focus on the Beginner's Guide to Prayer after finishing the Thirty Steps to Heaven back in April but I grabbed this one instead, among others.  It seemed fitting as I packed for my weekend away and it really was.  It's not an Orthodox Devotional (see below for an Orthodox devotional by Sister Vassa), but it is certainly leading me in my search on how to fit prayer and devotion into my daily life.

Reflections With Morning Coffee - 365 Daily Devotions for Busy People by Sister Vassa Larin   -  Oh my goodness, it's Sister Vassa!  I asked in an Orthodox Facebook page if anyone had any good devotionals to recommend, Orthodox or otherwise (I'm not one to shun a non-Orthodox book but it's nice to at least get recommendations from Orthodox friends), and low and behold someone told me Sidter Vassa has one!  I LOVE Sister Vassa.  I used to listen to her on Ancient Faith Radio-- but I'm not an auditory girl.  I get too caught up in doing other things while listening and I have to listen to the same podcast about 5 times before I get it all.  And I've just always been a page in hand kind of person.  So having Sister Vassa's pages in my hand is a nice little uplift.

Blueprints for the Little Church: Creating an Orthodox Home by Elissa D. Bjeletich and Caleb Shoemaker    This is the selection my husband and I are reading together.  Blueprints discusses how we are to involve our children in the life of the Church from birth onward both in the church and at home.  I don't know why we have not found time to read together lately so I haven't made progress in this book but it needs to be a discussion topic soon!

The Whole-Brain Child (also by Siegel and Bryson)  I bought both this book and the No-Drama Discipline at the same time.  I wasn't sure which to start first and glancing through it seemed like both were relevant to one another but I went with the discipline book first.  Now I'm starting this one and I'm just a couple chapters in.  While I can relate what they are talking about from the Discipline book, I do not feel at this time that it's a total repeat, but simply a companion that explains the theory further behind the concepts in the book on Discipline.  I'm eager to continue my reading!

Delicious Blogging:  The Ingredients You Need To Create a Better Blog by Debi Stangeland  Debi is a book on my Kindle (I seldom use the kindle as I just can't resist a paper copy but it does come in handy ) some great ideas for bloggers, especially those starting out or with smaller blogs who want to have more success with finding readers and interacting with their public.  I haven't made progress with this book this month as most of my time is spent on reading about and taking care of my health and just getting a good handle on other things but I'm looking forward to a chance to sit down and soak up some of Debi's wisdom.


What I'm Reading With My Son

My son is 7.  He's techinically in first grade-  but I don't go by that.  We read what we think is fun and what I think he will be interested in or what I deem important.  I don't consider grade level.  It's more about age, interests and abilities.

Misty of Chicoteague by Marguerite Henry   While fictional, I chose to read Misty as part of our "history type" literature as it does talk about legendary history and the story behind the wild ponies of Asateague Island (where I spent my honeymoon incidentally).  I wanted to introduce him to the Marguerite Henry books and selected this one to see if he would like them.  We  made more progress with this one and I believe he is enjoying the story.

Red, White, Blue, and Uncle Who? The Story Behind Some of America's Patriotic Symbols by Teresa Bateman and John O'Brien     This is a charming little book to introduce youngsters to the symbols of our country including the Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Lincoln Monument and more. I've chosen to use picture books for the most part in our American History studies thus far but am looking to start on some nice biographies soon. In fact, I've just borrowed a few from a friend to let my son pick which he wants to start with.

Poppy's Retunr (Dimwood Forest, #4) by Avi     My son is loving this book as he did the first three.  I was totally enthralled by the first 3, not as much by this one.  I have an issue with the 'swearing'...   while they are not using foul curse words, there is much use of the term 'freaking' and such in a disrespectful tone from the main character's son to his mother.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm not appreciating the 'humor'.  I simply skip over the words or substitute something more mild.  I highly recommend the first 3 for any age---  the porcupine 'swears' in all three, but really it's just a blend of really silly words put together as his form of complaining and both my son and I find that usage rather humorous.  This one, well if you are reading it aloud, it's still very enjoyable, but be aware you might want to be prepared to change some wording IF you feel the way I do about it.


What My Son is reading TO ME

Yes-  he has started reading to ME now.  This is his choice- his desire and I love it!

The Mystery at the Taj Mahal (India) by Carole Marsh    My sister got him about ten of this series for Christmas.  I selected to allow him to read them to himself at night while I sit and read in bed. He has read one on his own, is reading another and reads this one to me every now and then (his request).  However, I don't think we even put a dent in it last month and this month was slow.  We finally started it up again the other day. It's a little slow, not just because he has a little difficulty with a few of the words, but wants to stop and congratulate himself for each big word he reads and make commentary mid sentence if he knows a word, relates it to something else in his life or wants to point out how words are connected in other ways irrelevant to the story.  Sometimes I wonder if he really knows what's happening in the story because, frankly, sometimes I'm not real sure myself!  Hahaha!!

He also reads from his Children's Bible Reader to me on some days before our lessons.

I keep track of a lot of what I read on Goodreads.  And you'll see I usually have a LOT on my list at a time.  I used to be worried that this was strange.....then I started reading about Charlotte Mason and her methods and realized I must have been Charlotte in another life.... lol!  Just kidding!  But really, her homeschool methods teach about taking just small bits at a time from a book and giving the child time to think it over and ponder, if you will, and let it all soak in.  And she would have them read from various books each day - history, literature, nature, poetry, etc.  Some books a few pages or chapter a day, some only once a week.  So pretty much I've been doing 'Charlotte Mason' with myself all along.

Find me on Goodreads  HERE.

So--  that pretty much sums up what's on my reading list.

How about YOU?

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  ~Matthew 6:34


Do you often find yourself worrying about things? I mean, like non-stop?? Oh my goodness, please don't tell me I'm alone on this! Actually, I know I'm not because in talking with other moms, I know I'm only one soul among many that find themselves worrying about all kinds of things.  And yes, sometimes I awake at night worrying.  Yet there is so much scripture that tells us not to do this.  How do we stop?  Last week, I wrote about changing perspective and quoted Philippians 4:6-9.  I've made that verse my newest memory verse and I feel it's going to be a 'prayer' that I use for a very long time.  Reading these words help me focus on the pure, the lovely, and all that is good and praiseworthy, rather than my anxious thoughts of worry, worry, worry.

Worry is normal.  There's not a person alive that has never worried over something.  But we must affirm our faith that God is in control and has us in His sight at all times.

Let's focus on that list of what Saint Paul offers us in Philippian's (the pure, the lovely, the noble, etc.) and scripture that reminds us that God is there.  Let us learn to be content whatever the circumstances.


Be still and know that I am God.        Psalm 46:10


I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13


But Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.  Jeremiah 17:7


What is your favorite verse to focus on whenever you are anxious and worried?



Time flies when you are having fun!

Well, okay, maybe it hasn't all been fun....in fact, it HASN'T been....  but on the homeschooling front, things are going pretty smooth.  But the thing is, that doesn't mean we are doing ALL of our lessons on ALL of our "school days" or that we've completed some textbook or that he writes 'perfectly' or that we spend every morning in prayer and devotion.

Things are going pretty smooth means I have changed my attitude on what 'school' needs to be, what learning is and it means that learning IS happening!

We saw one of the last circus performances. This was the first time I ever witnessed any 'shyness' in my son. It was actually good to see!
What's he doing you ask? Selling water of course! For FREE! HAHAHA!!!! Gotta love this kid! Oh, yes, of course I 'bought' some!

Here's a 'photo shoot' of some learning that has taken place over the last couple of weeks:




A lovely discovery outside while playing at a friend's house!
We helped a neighbor care for her chickens last fall. This spring we get to watch the new chicks as they grow!
This was the youngest boy's first trip to Niagara Falls and another country! We had a good time up in Niagara, Toronto, and nearby areas.

Perspective is everything!

"Am I "seeing" today in God's light? Or is it a purely human agenda (my own and other people's) taking up my entire field of vision? How burdonsome that can be. And what a relief it is to let light in; that is, hand it all over to God and re-focus on His presence in the whole picture. Perspective is everything!"
~ Sister Vassa Larin


This part of Sister Vassa's devotion for May 19th in her book  Reflections With Morning Coffee really hit home this past week.  Often as I work myself up over recent events and anxious thoughts of the future and hurts from the past, I loose sight of this simple and obvious reality.  Perspective really is everything. When we come out of our own field of vision, the anxiety lessens.  When we re-focus on God's presence, everything looks so different!

Recent events in our lives have led me to seeking His word more often - more time alone with Him and more devotion and prayer.  And more listening....  One prayer stays at the forefront of my mind.  It's from Philippians.  It speaks of thanksgiving (gratitude) and changing perspective from anxiety to one of thanks and focusing  on things that are lovely and praiseworthy.  Perspective IS EVERTHING!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- meditate on these things.  The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.           Philippians 4:6-9


Our struggles and challenges are real.  But we need not give all of our energy to being anxious over them.  We can focus on what is lovely.  Perspective is everything!


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on Me, a sinner.